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Kunal Shukla is a young and passionate filmmaker based out of Mumbai. After honing his skills in theatre, he ventured into film-making, especially short-format films. He has directed four short narrative films & two digital ad films that are hosted on notable platforms like Netflix, India Film Project etc. As a filmmaker, Kunal loves dwelling in his imagination and thus possesses a strong instinct to create visuals in context to the script. He believes in building a visual world that directly connects with the script's momentum and core emotion.  Being a trained actor, Kunal is at ease when it comes to directing actors and can bring a different dimension to the craft as he understands their mindset and thus is able to develop a creative rapport with them. Kunal's work is full of quirks and dark humour and he also likes exploring slice-of-life human stories.

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Kunal has always aspired to build a career in film-making. He started his journey in theatre. He performed various kinds of roles as an actor while also directing plays across different languages. Makrand Deshpande is his mentor. Kunal then turned to filmmaking. After developing the required skills over time, he made a short film which was screened at "MAMI Film Festival". He then proceeded to direct another short film which won 1st prize at the prestigious "India Film Project (IFP 50 hrs filmmaking challenge). Kunal and his team scripted, shot and edited the film in just 50 hours.  His work was appreciated by Shakun Batra and Navdeep Singh who judged the competition at IFP. He went on to direct a few more short narratives and was a Creative Director for "Netflix Take Ten Short Film". As he developed an interest in short-format narratives he entered the ad film world and directed digital films for a well-known fitness brand "Cult Fit".

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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